MicroScope platform

The MicroScope platform is an integrative resource that supports systematic and efficient revision of microbial genome annotation, data management and comparative analysis. Starting from the results of our syntactic, functional and relational annotation pipelines, MicroScope provides an integrated environment for the expert annotation and comparative analysis of prokaryotic genomes. It combines tools and graphical interfaces to analyze genomes and to perform the manual curation of gene function in a comparative genomics and metabolic context. The resource provides data from completed and ongoing genome projects together with post-genomic experiments (i.e. transcriptomics, re-sequencing of evolved strains, mutant collections) allowing users to improve the understanding of gene functions.

The MicroScope platform is constantly evolving both in terms of data content and of new analysis tools some of them being developed in the context of our research projects.

Last news about MicroScope:

MicroScope platform: v3.16.1 released

The version 3.16.1 of the platform is now deployed. The main changes are: The new page Prophage & Defense System Prediction presents prediction of prophage (read more here). tMeV has been replaced by Morpheus on the Metabolic Profiles and RNA-Seq Differential Expression Analysis pages (read more here). The old RNA-Seq ...
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MICROCYC server unavailable

Dear MicroScope user, We are in the process of updating MicroCyc results. During this update, results displayed on the associated web server (https://microcyc.genoscope.cns.fr/) won't be available. This should take roughly one week. We will inform you when the service will be operational again. We apologize for any inconvenience,The MicroScope Team ...
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Error when requesting integration of GenBank’s genomes

A number of users have reported that they can't use the genome selector when requesting integration of GenBank's genomes (and thus can't submit the delivery of service). To the best of our knowledge, this happens only when using Chrome-based browsers (i.e. Google Chrome, MicroSoft Edge, and several others). It seems ...
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New Genome cart functionality

A new functionality called "Genome Cart" has been integrated into the platform. It allows you to save one or more genome selection that are integrated in the selection component and can then be used in the different tools of the platform. The "Genome Cart" interface allows to create, edit, rename ...
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Improvement of MicroScope visualization interfaces

To improve usability of the Genome Browser, the navigation bar has been redesigned: it is now placed above the genome map and has a reduced number of buttons. We also worked on the circular visualization of genomes in the platform. The CGView web start application used in several pages (e.g ...
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Electrical maintenance at Genoscope starting September 2th

Dear MicroScope users, MicroScope and LABGeM's website will be unavailable starting Friday September 2th around 5pm CEST. Everything should be back to normal for Monday September 5th 9am CEST. This is needed for an maintenance operation on the electrical network at Genoscope. We apologize for any inconvenience. The LABGeM Team ...
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MicroScope platform: v3.16.0 released

The version 3.16.0 of the platform is now deployed: The COG dataset ha been removed: this was needed because the version used in MicroScope was quite old (dating back to 2009). Users are encouraged to use the EggNOG classification tool. We may re-introduce a newer version of COG in the ...
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MicroScope unstability

Dear MicroScope users, You may have noticed that MicroScope was unavailable for several hours between yesterday and this morning (CEST). This is due to an unexpected problem on our SQL server. We are working on this problem and hope that it can be solved quickly. However, we may have to ...
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Microscope maintenance July 18th & 22th

Dear MicroScope users, Microscope will be unavailable for a few minutes this evening, Monday July 18th around 5pm CEST . MicroScope will be off-line Friday July 22th 12pm CEST for about one hour. This is needed for adatabase maintenance operation. We apologize for any inconvenience. The LABGeM Team ...
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MicroScope professional training – November 2022

We are pleased to inform you that there are places available for the next session of the course «Annotation and analysis of prokaryotic genomes using the MicroScope platform» which will take place from November 21 to 25, 2022. This course features: 4.5 days training including 1 day fully dedicated to ...
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