MicroScope platform

The MicroScope platform is an integrative resource that supports systematic and efficient revision of microbial genome annotation, data management and comparative analysis. Starting from the results of our syntactic, functional and relational annotation pipelines, MicroScope provides an integrated environment for the expert annotation and comparative analysis of prokaryotic genomes. It combines tools and graphical interfaces to analyze genomes and to perform the manual curation of gene function in a comparative genomics and metabolic context. The resource provides data from completed and ongoing genome projects together with post-genomic experiments (i.e. transcriptomics, re-sequencing of evolved strains, mutant collections) allowing users to improve the understanding of gene functions.

The MicroScope platform is constantly evolving both in terms of data content and of new analysis tools some of them being developed in the context of our research projects.

Last news about MicroScope:

New sequence/organism selector in MicroScope

A new selector for sequences and organisms that extends the one previously introduced in the Genome Clustering page has been deployed in MicroScope since the end of June 2019. This selector was designed to let you choose efficiently several sequences by browsing the taxonomy or by filtering on strains with ...
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New essential gene dataset

Delineating a set of essential genomic elements and proteins that make up a living organism helps to understand critical cellular processes that sustain life. Essential genes in a bacterium constitute a minimal genome, forming a set of functional modules, which play key roles in the emerging field of synthetic biology ...
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MicroScope professional trainings 2019-2020.

We are pleased to inform you about upcoming sessions of MicroScope professional training courses in 2019-2020. «Annotation and analysis of prokaryotic genomes using the MicroScope platform» 4.5 days training including 1 day fully dedicated to bacterial metabolism analyses, exploration and annotation.Monday 18th November 2019 – Friday 22nd November 2019 (only ...
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Integration of public genomes in MicroScope

The user interface dedicated to delivery of service in MicroScope has been improved. It is now possible to ask for the integration of public genome sequences. The list of available organisms from NCBI GenBank is up-to-date and give you access to > 202,000 entries. It will be regularly updated to ...
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MicroScope platform: v3.13.0 released

The v3.13.0 of the platform is now deployed. There are 2 major features in this version: => First, there is a new selector for sequences and organisms that extends the one previously introduced in the Genome Clustering page. This selector was designed to let you choose efficiently several sequences by ...
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MicroScope platform: v3.12.4 released

The v3.12.4 of the platform is now deployed: The tree in the Genome Clustering page can now be exported in Newick format (either with the full name or just with the taxid) Adobe Flash is no longer needed to export data from tables Some InterPro results were missing for Prosite: ...
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Minor changes on MicroScope

Dear MicroScope users, We have recently made some changes in order to clarify MicroScope's main menu: to integrate your data in MicroScope, go to "About" and then "Submit your data to MicroScope" to submit your data to the ENA/EMBL public databank, go to "About" and then "Request DataBank submission" Also ...
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MicroScope platform: v3.12.3 released

The v3.12.3 of the platform is now deployed. What’s new in this version: There is a new dataset available in the Search by Keyword page and on the Gene Annotation page: the Essential gene results dataset contains genes that are considered essential in a specific database. See the tutorial here ...
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MicroScope maintenance

Due to electrical maintenance at Genoscope, MicroScope will be shutdown on Friday 22 March 2019 at 5:00 pm CEST. We expect to be offline for about 24 hours. We apologize for any inconveniences ...
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MicroScope platform: v3.12.2 released

The v3.12.2 of the platform is now deployed: What’s new in this version: The Virulence Detection has been updated: it now includes blastN results to detect regions of virulence. We have updated the CGView applet: you can now maximize the window and export the image in several formats (PNG, SVG, ...
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