Functional Annotation


Functional Annotation

High quality functional annotation is essential for understanding the phenotypic consequences encoded in a genome. We develop several methods to improve protein function predictions. These methods are mainly based on sequence analysis, genomic and metabolic context exploration and structural bioinformatics.

Prediction, annotation and exploration of genomic regions in MicroScope

In order to extend the range of tools available to MicroScope users, we aim to develop the platform functionalities dedicated prediction, annotation and exploration of genomic regions. These genomic regions include specialized gene clusters (ie, encoding for secretion systems, CRISPR systems, Biosynthetic Gene Clusters, operons, etc.), phage or GI / ...

NetSyn – Exploring Syntenies Networks of Genes

We developed a method to classify proteins of a family based on their conserved genomic contexts. Each protein genomic context is compared against all others to determine syntenies. A graph is generated where nodes are input proteins connected by edges when a synteny is observed. Edges weight represent the mean ...