From our research and development activities, several biotechnology projects are conducted with potential industrial applications.


BlueRemediomics: Harnessing the Marine Microbiome for Novel Sustainable Biogenics and Ecosystem Services

Launched in December 2022, the Horizon Europe BlueRemediomics project aims to harness the untapped potential of marine microbial resources. Lasting four years, and bringing together an international consortium of experts including the Metabolic Genomics UMR (Genoscope/CEA-Jacob), this project will develop new tools and new approaches to explore marine microbiome data ...
ALADIN project

ALADIN project: Active Learning to Accelerate biocatalyst Development for INdustrial biotechnology

The ALADIN project aims to build an integrated and distributed technological platform which will rely on the combination of combinatory genetics with artificial intelligence. It will enable the exploration of natural molecular diversity, its appropriation to build new purpose-based catalysts (enzymes and micro-organisms), and the rapid expansion of the knowledge ...
MOAMDH project

MODAMDH project: In silico approach for amine dehydrogenase discovery

The current trend in Chemistry is to perform the energy transition successfully by considering cheaper and greener alternatives. This can be achieved by the substitution of some chemical steps by biocatalyzed ones or the design of new enzymatic routes, thus reducing waste and polluting organometallic catalysts. As useful building blocks ...