Today, thanks to the development of metagenomics, our knowledge of microbial diversity has greatly changed. Whereas previously cellular organisms were seen more as independent entities, today we know that they organize themselves into complex microbial communities made up of several species of bacteria, archaea and eukaryotes, and their mobilome (viruses, plasmids and other mobile genetic elements). The proposed project will make it possible to understand the determinants of these complex microbial communities (symbioses/holobionts), through approaches for reconstructing metabolic networks at the scale of each organism but also at the community scale, with a focus in a first time to marine ecosystem communities.


This project will be carried out according to 3 complementary axes
1- Metabolic networks at the scale of genomes and pangenomes.
This first part will aim to reconstruct the metabolic networks at the scale of the genomes of microorganisms, but also of the pangenomes of species for which we have several tens or even thousands of genomes. Accessing microbial metabolism from genomic information thus makes it possible to better understand the role of microorganisms which are major players in biogeochemical cycles and recycling (C, N, S, H), particularly in surface marine and deep oceanic ecosystems.

2- Diversity and evolution of metabolic pathways at the scale of the tree of life
This second part will aim to study the diversity and evolution of metabolic pathways at the scale of the tree of life. We will thus be able to distinguish evolutionary convergences from parallel evolutions, and the role of horizontal transfers in the evolution of these metabolic pathways.

3- Metabolic pathways at the ecosystem scale
The purpose of this third part will be to identify and quantify important metabolic pathways for ecosystems and, also, to determine whether the species involved in these metabolic pathways of interest are always the same within similar ecosystems (from different geographical regions).

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