Supporting MicroScope’s future developments.

Since 2004, MicroScope has offered a genome analysis service to a large community of microbiologists. The current resources of MicroScope are largely provided by the CEA and the CNRS through the funding of permanent staff and IT resources with the support of the French Institute of Bioinformatics of which the platform is a member.

In order to maintain the system facing an increasing data flow while innovating by the integration of new analysis functionalities, we must invest in new IT solutions for storage and computing but also achieve new software and methodological developments. In the current economic context, the funding policy for national research infrastructures strongly encourages platforms to charge their operating costs to academic users. These external sources of funding therefore become essential to maintain and develop the service provided to the community.

Our goal is to maintain free access to the platform and ensure analysis within a reasonable timeframe. However, for projects involving the analysis of several dozen genomes, we encourage you to involve our team as a service provider for the processing of your data. We therefore ask you to contact us, particularly during the preparation phase of your future funding requests (National Research Agencies, EU or others), to assess your needs and cost the service.

Thank you for your support,

The MicroScope team

Please send your requests to: Alexandra Calteau and David Vallenet.

Supporting MicroScope’s future developments.