MicroScope platform: v3.12.1 released

The v3.12.1 of the platform is now deployed.

What’s new in this version:

  • the main page of RNAseq experiments analysis has been improved
  • the design of the Keyword Search has been improved: the “Explore More” feature is more intuitive and the number of genes now appears on the page
  • the Help button is more visible now.

This version also corrects a few bugs:

  • some replicon names were no longer accepted in the Delivery of Service and the web form was not displayed correctly sometimes
  • it was not possible to Download Data of organisms whose name contains weird characters (they are replaced by underscores now)
  • the “Organism Summary” button on the MicroCyc page did not work and this page was not displayed correctly

Please report us any bugs you may meet.

MicroScope platform: v3.12.1 released