MicroScope platform: v3.12.0 released

The v3.12.0 of the platform is now deployed.

The highlight of this new version is the integration of a new annotation method based on the UniRules. Read more about it here.

As usual, we have fixed bugs and made little enhancements in many places:

  • you can download PanRGP data in TSV format
  • it is easier to explore the content of gene cart with keywords
  • the Genome Overview takes into account atypical start
  • the display of KEGG pathways has been improved
  • exporting a gene cart to JalView was broken and JalView has been updated to the latest version (v2.10.5)
  • you can choose the replicon on the Circular Genome Viewer page and the the sign of the GC skew was wrong
  • sorting columns containing links is more intuitive now
  • we fixed some bugs in the Delivery of Service page and relaxed the rules for organism and strain names; also you no longer have to specify the genetic code and the Gram of the organism since they are deduced from the NCBI taxon ID

Please report us any bugs you may meet.

MicroScope platform: v3.12.0 released