MicroScope platform: v3.12.2 released

The v3.12.2 of the platform is now deployed:

What’s new in this version:

  • The Virulence Detection has been updated: it now includes blastN results to detect regions of virulence.
  • We have updated the CGView applet: you can now maximize the window and export the image in several formats (PNG, SVG, JPG). Also the color code used across the different pages should be the same now. Note that this version is incompatible with previous versions (i.e. JNLP files generated by previous versions of MicroScope won’t work – you must regenerate them). Last but not least, the GC deviation and GC skew in Circular Genome Viewer are no longer computed on a sliding window but for each gene.
  • We have improved the classification of IPMed UniProtKB entries by taking into account both Swiss-Prot and TrEMBL sections. They correspond to entries related to publications that do not correspond to large genomic regions (≤ 20 genes).
  • Artefact CDS are no longer displayed in PanRGP (although they are still used in the computation of the score and in their mapping to other genomes).

We have also corrected various minor bugs.

Please report us any bugs you may meet.

MicroScope platform: v3.12.2 released