Mining secondary metabolites in cyanobacterial genomes

Cyanobacteria are an ancient lineage of photosynthetic bacteria, which are prolific producers of secondary metabolites. Hundreds of bioactive compounds with diverse chemical structures , such as toxins and molecules of pharmaceutical interest, have been characterized from cyanobacteria. In the framework of a collaboration with Muriel Gugger (head of the Pasteur Culture collection of Cyanobacteria – Institut Pasteur), we have shown through a phylum-wide genome investigation, that Cyanobacteria encode a tremendous number of gene clusters devoted to the biosynthesis of secondary metabolites (Shih et al, 2013). Genome mining of secondary metabolites revealed the potential of the Cyanobacteria phylum, to create, diversify and spread the genetic clusters for various compounds: either compounds encoded by NRPS/PKS clusters (Calteau et al, 2014, Pancrace et al., 2017), or ribosomal encoded compounds like cyanobactins (Leikoski et al, 2014). Particularly, we discovered an unexplored potential for siderophore synthesis in cyanobacteria that we will investigate more deeply to understand the different strategies developed in this phylum to capture iron from the environment to maintain their Fe-rich photosynthetic apparatus.

People: Alexandra Calteau

Crédit PCC – Institut Pasteur


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Mining secondary metabolites in cyanobacterial genomes