MicroScope platform: v2.5.4 released

The v2.5.4 of the platform is released:

– The main navigation menu has been reorganized:

  • PALOMA Evolution tool moved into a new section, called “Variant Discovery“,
  • TAMARA RNA-Seq tool moved also into a new section, called “Transcriptomics“,
  • Export Data tool is now part of the new “Search/Export” section, alongside with “Blast” and “Search by Keywords” tools
  • “Mutant Collection” interface (Nemesys, NewNodBrady) moved into “About” > “MicroScope Projects” section

– Due to CSS and Javascript librairies updates, you may meet some display problems. If so, please clear your browser cache.

– Please note that the new minimal screen resolution has been updated into 1280×1024, instead of 1024×768

Please report us any bugs you may meet.

MicroScope platform: v2.5.4 released