A new functionality of PALOMA: SNPs Overview

PALOMA Evolution tool has been updated with a new functionality: SNPsOverview is a brand new tool which gives users a deeper insight of evolutionary traits of genomes.

After months of bugfix releases, the PALOMA evolutionary tool has significantly evolved and now includes a new functionality called SNPsOverview. This tool allows users to visualize at  a glance:

  • local GC content,
  • Areas of genomes that are uncovered by NGS reads (might correspond to repeats or large deletion),
  • mapping coverage,
  • smal variations detected by the PALOMA pipeline,
  • and annotations, directly retrieved from the main instance of the MicroScope Platform.
SNPs overview - query
The SNPs overview query interface.


SNPs Overview - Graphical Results
The SNPs Overview graphical results for a E. coli B REL606 clone from the EvoGeno public project.

Additional legend (from up to bottom):

  • GC content deviation (%)
  • uncovered zones, with their positions (begin-end)
  • coverage along the genome
  • detected mutations the darker the dot, the bigger the mutation score. Size of the dots are proportional to the number of clones displaying a given mutation (if applicable).
  • annotation of the genome (CDS, fCDS, rRNA, tRNA, transposases, NFR)

All features can be downloaded (see button in the upper part).



A new functionality of PALOMA: SNPs Overview