Genome selection by Metadata

In order to improve the selection of genomes, MicroScope 3.15.2 introduced the possibility to select genomes based on a subset of species-level metadata published in Joshua S. Madin et al., A synthesis of bacterial and archaeal phenotypic trait data. Sci Data 7, 170 (2020). This article unifies phenotypic and quantitative genomic traits from 26 sources. The list of available metadata in MicroScope is described here. Note that MicroScope only uses qualitative traits (not quantitative ones). Future versions will allow strain-level metadata queries.

For example to pre-select all anaerobic organisms that are extreme thermophiles:

  1. open the advanced selector and select “Species metadata” as a search criterion
  2. first select “anaerobic” in the Metabolism trait section
  3. then select “extreme thermophilic” in the Range tmp trait section
Genome selection by Metadata