MicroScope professional trainings 2022

We are pleased to inform you about MicroScope professional training courses in 2022. Two sessions of the «Annotation and analysis of prokaryotic genomes using the MicroScope platform» course are planned at the University of Evry:

  • Monday 14th March 2022 – Friday 18th March 2022
  • Monday 21st November 2022 – Friday 25th November 2022

This course features:

  • 4.5 days training including 1 day fully dedicated to bacterial metabolism analyses, exploration and annotation.
  • Participants can work on their own data if they have requested their integration in the platform at least 4 weeks before the start of the course.
  • Price for academics: 1350€ (includes all training materials and lunches for 4.5 days). Special discount for students945€ (limited seats !).

Note that external training sessions can be scheduled on demand, in France or abroad. Webinars can be organized as well. In these cases the University of Evry will deliver a quotation.

To register and get more details please visit our website.

MicroScope professional trainings 2022