MicroScope platform: v3.13.0 released

The v3.13.0 of the platform is now deployed. There are 2 major features in this version:

=> First, there is a new selector for sequences and organisms that extends the one previously introduced in the Genome Clustering page. This selector was designed to let you choose efficiently several sequences by browsing the taxonomy or by filtering on strains with nice suggestions. Read the doc here.

=> Second, the list of available organisms from NCBI GenBank is up-to-date and will be regularly updated to ease integration of public genomes in MicroScope.

Note that the algorithm used to construct the tree in the Genome Clustering was changed. Before this version, Mash distances above 0.4 were rounded up to 1 (the maximum value) in order to enhance the differences. This is no longer the case.

Note that the page of publications related to MicroScope has been updated.

We also fixed some bugs all around the platform.

Please report us any bugs you may meet.

MicroScope platform: v3.13.0 released