MicroScope platform: v2.5.2 released

The v2.5.2 of the platform is released:

– The analysis tool for the pan-genome is updated:

– It is now possible to export results into Gene Carts.
– You can now exclude pan, core or variable-genome from a selection of compared organisms when you perform an analysis.

– It is now possible to annotate CDS having a pyrrolysine codon. A specific entry has been added to the Mutation field in the Gene Editor (like selenocysteine).

– In the Gene Phyloprofile tool, in Replicon Mode, you can now choose to display only chromosomes instead of chromosomes and plasmids.

– In the Gene Editor, you can now filter the whole Bioprocess and Roles lists by using keywords

Please report us any bugs you may meet.

MicroScope platform: v2.5.2 released