MicroScope training courses

We are pleased to inform you about upcoming sessions of the four-day training course «Annotation and analysis of prokaryotic genomes using the MicroScope platform» for 2013.

Since the very beginning of the MicroScope platform, the LABGeM team offers training courses to our users and other scientists to teach them about automatic and expert annotation processes, comparative genomics and metabolism answers and all others analysis tools available in MicroScope. Since 2008 we have trained more than 300 scientists in the context of 27 sessions in France and abroad.

The first 2 sessions will be hold on:

  • Tuesday 29 January 2013 – Friday 1 February 2013
  • Tuesday 21 May 2013 – Friday 24 May 2013

Additional sessions will be scheduled for the second part of 2013.

Note that upcoming sessions will now take place at the Evry University which is now in charge of the training course organization : Web site : http://www.univ-evry.fr/fr/professionnalisation/formation_continue/stages_courts.html

Contact Evry Univ.  Audrey CAPITAINE,  audrey.capitaine@univ-evry.fr

Contact LABGeM/MicroScope platform : mage@genoscope.cns.fr

Title : «Annotation and analysis of prokaryotic genomes using the MicroScope platform»

Price : 1200€ (Includes all training materials and lunches for 4 days).

Exceptionally, external training sessions can be scheduled on demand, in France or abroad. In this case the University of Evry will deliver a quotation.

To get more details about our training offer please visit our website:


MicroScope training courses