MicroScope Satisfaction survey 2012

!!! Thank you very much for your high participation to the MicroScope users survey !!!

Easiness of the MicroScope tools

Conducted in April 2012, this survey intended to measure MicroScope users satisfaction and to gather the needs, particularly in metagenomics data analysis.

We registered 200 answers (on 1120 actual MicroScope users, but about 300 accounts are really “actives”); this represents a high participation (67%) and we are very pleased to received so much feedbacks from our users. Detailed comments and suggestions led us to realize that some novel functionalities implemented in the platform are not well known (despite the “Latest News” panel of the MicroScope home page). Moreover, many suggestions were linked to updates or enhancement of existing tools and functionalities.

We decided to improve our communication policy (which gave birth to the present E-letter) and to prioritize the following development tools:

• core and pan genomes computation on a set of selected genomes.

• genome selection by taxonomy

• results and links to transportDB

• update of the GCView and SignalP tools

• improvement of the data export functionalities

• in addition, we will start the development of a metagenomic version of the MicroScope platform which will allow to handle complex metagenomes; this work will be done in the context of the France genomique infrastructure (https://www.france-genomique.org/ ).

More details on this satisfactory survey results can be found at : http://www.genoscope.cns.fr/agc/doc/MicroScopeSurvey042012.pdf.

MicroScope Satisfaction survey 2012