Post-doctoral position in bioinformatics: analysis of enzyme families from metagenomic data.

Job title: 

Post-doctoral position in bioinformatics for the analysis of enzyme families from metagenomic data.

Type of contract: 

CEA non-permanent researcher position (24 months)


Evry, France (30 km south of Paris)


The Genoscope (CEA, François Jacob Biology Institute) is a French reference centre in environmental genomics that conducts large-scale analyses for the understanding of ecosystems, particularly in the context of major environmental changes. Its research unit (UMR8030 Genomics Metabolics of the CEA, CNRS and Paris-Saclay Evry University) brings together several laboratories composed of researchers and engineers with expertise in genomics, bioinformatics, microbiology and biochemistry. This strong interdisciplinarity makes it possible to finely characterize the species, functions and interactions present in an ecosystem, but also to focus on the metabolism of these microorganisms. The exploration of biodiversity in terms of chemical potential offers applications in bioremediation, biomass valorization and in the discovery of new catalysts for sustainable chemistry.

This post-doc position will take place in the framework of the ALADIN project (Active Learning to Accelerate biocatalyst Development for INdustrial biotechnology) in collaboration with Toulouse Biotechnology Institute and the MICALIS lab of INRAE. This project aims at combining combinatory genetics with artificial intelligence, enabling the exploration of  natural molecular diversity and its appropriation to build new purpose‐based catalysts  (enzymes and microorganisms).


The researcher will join the LABGeM laboratory which develops bioinformatic methods and performs analyses for the study of prokaryotic genomes and metabolism. He/She will be in charge of developing a bioinformatics workflow to explore the functional diversity of enzyme families from metagenomic data (up to several billions of new protein sequences). Indeed, microbiomes from various biotopes (soil, human gut, oceans) represent a rich and largely untapped  reservoir  of  new  biocatalysts  with  valuable  biotechnological  properties. From this enzyme family resource, he/she will perform bioanalysis using various methods based on sequence and structural analysis to select families of interest for high throughput screening.

Candidate profile:

The candidate must have a PhD in bioinformatics with a strong background in protein sequence analysis and functional annotation. Knowledge of biochemistry and databases on enzymes and metabolic pathways would be appreciated. 

Employability skills: strong communication and organizational skills, ability to work in a team-oriented environment, autonomy and good english skills are required.

To apply: 

Please send to David Vallenet (

  • a detailed CV
  • a summary of your past research activities and your motivation for the position
  • the contacts of at least two referees
An enzyme family resource with billions of protein sequences from metagenomic projects.

Post-doctoral position in bioinformatics: analysis of enzyme families from metagenomic data.